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There’s no doubt that Nepal is land of beauties with thousands of Himalayas, ethnic groups, festivals, caste, culture, and religion. There’s lot to do other than trekking and tours in Nepal. People from India, Bhutan come for visiting holy temples. Moreover, many tourists enjoy visiting Thamel area and Pokhara city. The things to do in Nepal includes: Everest Mountain flight, temples visit, Paragliding, Jungle Safari and many other activities.

People may be confused about what to do in Nepal. This article gives detail information about all the places to visit in Kathmandu, Nepal Tourist Attraction, and all the traveling places around the country.

Everest Mountain Flights
Everest region is the region of trekkers. Yearly thousands of travelers, trekkers around the globe visit the Everest region with the aim of adventure, exploring new places and memorable journey. The helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp allows you to explore and witness the Everest region, Namchhe Bazaar, Kalapather. You’ll be standing in front of highest peak of the world, Mt. Everest. The moments just bring happiness and life-time memory in your life.

Mostly, people with limited time go for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. Other choose, Everest Base Camp luxury trek, Everest Base Camp Mountain flights, Namche Bazaar Everest trekking and many more.

The helicopter flight gives you pleasure exploring the high hills, mountain ranges, forest areas, and glorious views of Namche Bazaar. You will land at the most dangerous airport in the world: Lukla Airport and have the breakfast at the highest altitude hotel in the world: Everest View Hotel.

Temples of Kathmandu
Kathmandu city is the area of temples. There’s not a single place without temples. Here you can find World Heritage listed Temples like Pashupatinath, Swoyambhunath, and Boudhanath. Many people prefer visiting temples for blessings and long life.

Pashupatinath Temple
The temple is holy temple for Hindu people. Thousands of pilgrimage visit the temple yearly from India. The inner and outer looks of the temple is attractive.

Boudhanath Temple
The temple is famous among Buddhist residing in the area. It’s found that people following Buddhism usually from Bhutan and Srilanka visit the temple yearly. The gold and white stupa is lovely.

Swoyambhunath Temple
The temple resides on the top of the hill at Kathmandu city. Roaming around the temple is peace and you can observe monkeys around the temple area. there are three big statues of Lord at the beginning of the temple.

Paragliding at Pokhara
Paragliding is one of the best adventure in Nepal. Pokhara is the perfect city for Paragliding. The clear blue sky, blue Phewa Lake make the fly awesome and exciting. The epic views of Himalayas, forest areas are mind blowing.

Jungle Safari at Chitwan National Park
The World heritage site of Nepal- Chitwan National Park gives you glimpse of all sorts of species of wildlife, plants and animals. One- horned Rhino, the endangered species is preserved in Nepal. You can have fantastic landscape of forest and homes of animals. The species of butterflies at Chitwan National Park are beyond your imagination.

Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping in Nepal is exciting, thrilling, and adventurous. Nepal is the destination of thousands of adventure seekers. The Last Resort, Bhotekoshi has the longest bungee jumping in Nepal. It’s 190m deep down the hill. The Bunjee Jump is enlisted in 9th position by CNN Travel.

Panauti Homestay
Many travelers mayn’t know about Panauti Homestay. Panauti is a next level of travel place in Nepal. You can find multiples of homestay providing all sorts of facilities. There’s a nepali language classes at every corner of Panauti. You get connected with Nepali culture, tradition and religion. The landscape of temples from Gorakhnath hill is awesome.

Birthplace of Buddha
The Mayadevi temple, Ashoka Pillar of Lumbini is famous in the world. Thousands of Bhutanese visit the place every year. Visiting holy sites, monuments, monasteries around the area is lovely. The wooden buildings in the area blows your mind.

Skydiving Nepal
Skydiving in Nepal is life time memorable adventure. You will be dropped from Helicopter from 23,000 feet. It’s most thrilling to stay on free fall. And then, you open the parachute right above the worlds highest peak Mt. Everest. This is my best adventure in Nepal.

Explore Patan area
Patan area is an independent city with it’s own cultural values. The tone of local people residing there is different than the general people. The area has traditional houses with World Heritage enlisted site: Patan Durbar Square. Crafts and cravings of the area is famous among the travelers.

Mountain Yoga
Meditation in mountain area is an another thing to do in Nepal that gives you ultimate power, confidence to level up and go one step ahead in the life. Performing yoga at Mountain where you will be observing cool air with crystal clear sky is fabulous.

Final Say,
The things to do in Nepal are many. Keep in touch with you to check the secret of Travel and tour in Nepal. We will be updating you about the less traveled but mind blowing places of Nepal.

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