Tea House trekking in Nepal

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Nepal Tea House Trek: what you wish to Imagine?

If you planning and exciting your Lodge or Tea house treks in Nepal, Surely you will have a life time experiences by it. You may be with your excitement about food and sleeping places. In high altitude places your concerns is right about how it will be and mainly how comfortable places will be to sleep, How cozy? How healthiness meals, Well here we have mentioned information of these issues.

What does it mean Tea House Trekking?

The simple answer is heading from one place to another place during entire trek for your basic needs like meals and shelter. Many years ago it meant only as place trekkers were provided only basic things like tea, local meals and sleeping places on floor at cheep cost or even without any cost. In these days the concept has changed and it has vast different meaning as tea house means small hotels or lodges along the trail that provides meals, rooms at fixed price. In rural areas entire hotels are build by own family and its family owned hotels provides local meals and western meals as per your choice. The main advantage of tea house treks is that you don’t have to carry your tents, meals and camping materials along with you during the trek.

Most of the popular trails like Annapurna, Langtang and Everest areas provide western services like various cuisine menu including hard and soft drinks, hot showers, western toilets etc. but in remote and less popular trails you must have to have only local meals what their family eats every day. Those tea houses provide you milk tea, black tea lemon, ginger and mint as well as per your choice. In popular regions you will be able to order apple pie, Pizza to hot chocolates too. Milk and black coffees are available along the route but they might not be readily available so you better to carry your own coffee brand and take from Kathmandu’s store if you are one who not used these coffee buffs. Other than sleeping and eating tea houses are used to stop after long walk during walking.

Menu in Typical tea house in most popular regions tea house offers traditional Nepal Dal Bhat including wide verities of Indian, Tibetan, Chinese and western foods. Entire trekkers eat in common dining hall in the evening with warm wood fire which makes dining hall warm and cozy in high altitude. You could enjoy with local alcohol and some beers, Rum, wine and hard drinks too.

In entire tea houses Dal Bhat, Pizza, pasta and Tibetan momos are common liked meals. If you order Dal Bhat it will be serve with rice, curry, lentil soup and pickle and the best part of ordering this dish is you get more everything until you are full with same price as Dal Bhat is Nepal’s national dish. Other than Dal bhat Spaghetti, Noodles, Sherpa Stew with loads of different vegetable, Potato items are common too. In developed region some deserts items like apple filter, apple pie, custard pudding are easily found.

As you go higher up the meat items like are not recommended as entire meat are carried by Yaks or porters from low land. Those meat items are not fresh as it may cause of your sickness in high altitude but meat items are also easily available from low to high altitude tea houses.

Some trails do not have tea houses along the route. So if you choose Kanchangunja, Makalu region you better to organize camping treks where porters carry everything from Kathmandu during the trek.

We hope this short article helps you lot to know about the meals and accommodation and we hope you to have wonderful adventure in the Himalayas.

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