Physical training required for Island peak

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Climbing trekking peaks in Nepal are quite popular. To climb different peak required different physical conditions. The common questions for climbing lovers have what type of Physical I need to climb which peak. The most impressive and popular peak in Nepal is island Peak in Everest region. Someone who wants to get the summit of this peak also may reach the base Camp of Mt. Everest.

To climb the island Peak does not require technical ideas as its most easy peak however you must need climbing guide help to get summit. The weather is not stable on the top and you cannot fix rope yourself always.

Just because you are healthy and fit does not mean you can reach the top easily without help of Guides. You will have enough time to acclimatization before to reach the top.

Prior to your trip starts you need to do physical training like to go Gym, morning walk and some short of Yoga would be highly appreciate. If you have not done any trip earlier on high elevation you need train a bit harder.

Along the route there are several up hills and down which helps you to made the trip success too. You can start in order to build your stamina you should be comfortable with 20 to 25 pounds bag pack in down and uphill.

Some special exercise are like running and judging and any thing that keeps your heart working harder helps a lot. Above mentioned is just general idea to reach the top of island peak. A healthy and fit body also reacts differently in high altitude, however if you follow these rules it will much easier to get the any peak summit in Nepal.

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