The country Nepal is wonderful boundaries. Imagine a rectangle, 500 by 150 miles (800 by 240m), separated lengthways into three strips. The northernmost strip in the Himalayas, means “above of snow,” and includes highest peak in world eight out of ten. The southernmost area, known as the Terai, is an extension of the magnetic plain of northern India, containing, forests with elephants, one horn rhinos and tigers. These inhabitants contrast markedly with the yaks and snow leopard less than 100 miles (160km) to the north. Attractions are everywhere in the country, be it on the shoulders of high Himalayas, terraced ridges ascending like staircases to sky, on silence or rushing rivers, or in jungles fill of wild animals, flowers and birdsongs.

Nepal is a round-the-year purpose with dissimilarity, be it the summer, autumn, winter and monsoon. One receives an unrivaled magnificence in all the seasons depending upon one’s mood and choice. Mother Nature has gifted this country with plentiful attractiveness in all the seasons-the pleasant and judicious summer of the valleys provides with the chance of strolling around the monuments, temples and shrines in a leisurely manners, the rainy season provides the vies of the soothing green lush valleys and an occasional opening up of the snow-covered white mountains all along the north part border. Winter or summer, during the both extremes of the weather the climate is astonishingly reasonable and soothing.