The country Nepal is finest purpose for the visitors from the worlds for holidaying tourists. As a land-luck country Nepal tour presents mysterious tour journey around its world heritage sites, temples, national parks, gorges, lakes and the highest Himalayas as it has best demanding hiking trips. Although it is poor country, it is rich in scenic magnificence and artistic resources.

Nepal is located between India and Tibet, the kingdom of Nepal is filled with as many dissimilar ethnic groups, customs and rituals as it is diverse in geography. Throughout Tours in Nepal explore the steamy southern Tarai lowlands, the terrain passes the Kathmandu valley and rises to the frozen heights of the Himalayan peaks towards the Tibetan plateau known as the ‘roof of the world”. Spread passes these varied elevations are societies of color full cultures and locals, many unhurt by contemporary growth, energetic cities and towns and far-flung mountain remote rural communities. Living here rotates approximately a complicated combination of antique Hindu and Buddhist spiritual rituals. Numerous events are celebrated all time of the year colored by variety of spiritual and ethnic traditions. Touring around Kathmandu brings as assortment of these dissimilar societies jointly into a lively compilation of luminous sights and unusual stinks with contemporary shops simultaneous with street sellers while pyramidal Buddhist temples, holy Sadhus of the Hindu faith and medieval palace squares fill the urban landscape.

Nepal Tours presents verdant terraced valleys, rushing rivers and ice-blue lakes that come from snows or Himalayas. The uplifting sight of soaring mountains is a magnet for climbers and trekkers presenting some of the biggest demands and most picturesque walking chances on earth. Its varied terrain presents marvelous chances for adventures activities and although mountain climbing and trekking are the most accepted. There is also best white water rafting on steep Himalayas rivers as well as elephant back safari tours and tiger tracking in the national parks located around the jungles of the southern Tarai belt.

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