Nepal Best Treks for 2014

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As the world is known that Nepal offers finest travel destinations including the uppermost Himalaya, You will discover the hottest mountain hikes of south Asia. The isolated Himalayan region presents cultural dissimilarity, fervent faith in religion and life style, massive vistas, flora and faunas. Acknowledge the true spirit of Himalaya by choosing following trails

Everest base Camp Trek: The Finest trek of the world takes you to the base of Highest Mountain popularly known as Mt. Everest. (8,848m). Along the trek it explores Sherpa climber’s culture and their life style, flora and faunas of Everest national park, monasteries, deserts and glaciers as well as the hundreds of snow capped Himalayas. A 14 days trek starts with picturesque flight to Lukla. The second primary and historic place would be Namche.

Annapurna Trek – The Annapurna offers massiveness of the peak and verities of people living on their way. The area presents over 15 routes including long and short. The Annapurna Trek region in Nepal is most popular and widely famous tourist trekking destination in Nepal due to its fascinating land biodiversity. The picturesque splendor in mixture with the multi civilization and multi ethnic dissimilarity stands in profusion happy loveliness on its story of the total area mixed up with unbelievable satisfying difference from low land t upper highland. The upper sun alpine grassland protects some of the endangered 101 species of mammals including snow leopards, musk deer, Tibetan Argali, Wolf and fox and blue sheep. Other area of region protects474 species which includes 38 different species of birds at risk in Nepal such as mix species of multi-colored Himalayan pheasants, Golden eagle, Demoiselle crane, Indian tree pie amongst a whole host of other birds, butterflies and insects, 41 species of reptile and 23 species of amphibian have been recorded in the Annapurna region. More than 56 species of flowering plants are endemic to the region and have been recorded more than 3,430 species of flora inside the Annapurna conservation region.

Mustang Trek : Mustang is the old kingdom of Lo. in fact the headquarter of the Mustang district is Jomsom but the genuine Tibetan approach district located north of Kagbeni and is typically referred as Upper Mustang, Mustang Trek has an normal altitude of 13,000ft and is located to the north of the mountain giants of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna and is so north of the main Himalayan series and physically is part of the tourist attractions of Tibet. It is a huge elevated gorge, arid and dry, characterizes by battered canyons, bright stratified rock formations and has barren, deserts like appearance. The Upper Mustang Trek knowing the particular nature of this old, tiny kingdom, the Nepalese have compulsory a supplement for anybody desiring to trek past Kagbeni, the border of Upper Mustang. With legal trekking groups only being allowable in for the first time in March 1992, you would be part of a small privileged alternative to appointment this isolated settlement of Nepal.

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