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As the world knows Mt Everest is the world’s highest peak which stands on the elevation 8,848 meters. With this tallest peak no books are enough to explain its historical events, various deaths and accidents while climbing the top. People lose their life while they trying to fulfill their desire to summit.

Heartfelt condolence to those all death people who at least tried to summit but most of the have done the summit. Only chances to death are 2 to 5 percent. In the base camp it there is small Stupas style gathered rocks for their memories to remember for those departed soul.Truly it sis dream for every adventures seekers to reach the summit of Everest, however it is not an accomplishment achievable by all hikers in the planet and few of them conquering successfully to the magnificent top of Everest. Some legend climbers have made hard to broken history each year and they keep trying to break records of themselves but for rest of us normal trekkers The best adventure is just Everest Base Camp Trek or simply to understand just to reach the Base Camp of highest peak in the world.

Base Camp is not wonder itself as you cannot see Mt. Everest from its base camp. People get there just to get there, however the glaciers and surrounding peak views are superb in the area. Someone who get definitely feels like heaven on earth. People wonder how difficult to do Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal so considering those queries in your mind we have tried our best to give information bellow.

Warm welcome to EBC Trek!

People often think how hard or difficult is Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal? Simple answer will be you don’t have to be athletic or climber to do EBC Trek as long as you can slowly 5 to 6 hours a day that’s enough. But to do without any difficulties and any issue you have to be in good health condition and fir to walk up and down. Here is some preparation fruitful information if any one wishes to do Everest Base Camp with best memory. Most of our guests ask us how difficult it is. My answer would be make good preparation and just be on good health condition. Let’s find out the reality of this trek bellow.


However the trek can be shorter or longer then this but average of two weeks’ time is needed for Everest Base Camp Trek. It means you will have one extra day to explore Kathmandu’s temples and world heritage sites too.

But, in reality the walking days to cross towns is just 9 days however you will have two acclimatization days along the route and you walk in average of 5 to 6 hours a day slowly. Old trekkers, someone who really love nature they may extend visiting sight trip along the route and can make more than 9 days too. Before you start walking the morning walk at your home helps a lot and your body becomes usual for walking.

Roughly, counting 2 extra days known as acclimatization days hiking you walk about 130 kilometers while you doing Everest Base Camp Trek and around 65 kilometers each way. In easy description it is only 65 kilometers from Lukla to Everest Base Camp in 8 or 9 days. Its only 3 or 4 days walk out to Lukla while you returning. It’s mostly down walking, so do not take any big issue. You land at on the elevation of 2860 meters and oxygen level is about 14.8% less. Walking around 10 kilometers a day on elevated area is not easy as you walk at your home or park.

Temperature and Weather

It mainly depends what time of the year you planning your trip. Normally March/April/May and September/October/November are the supper best months for Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal. If you traveling in January or February it will be too cold and could go down to -30 degree C, around Mid November it drops to -12 degree C and wind speed will be 5 to 6 mph. During walking time at day you could walk just with thin t-shirt. March April May it goes up to -5 Degree C during night time but day time it will stay around 8 to 10 degree C.

Acclimatization and Elevation

Capital of Nepal Kathmandu city is already located at 1,300 meters where the trekkers enter here from lowland or some from sea level too. The Lukla airport located on 2860 meters and highest point of the Trek is Kalapatthar which is 5550 meters height. It means in average in each day you cross 500 to 800 meters to get Everest Base Camp (5364m). It surely requires two rest day or acclimatization day. Our itinerary has one extra day in Namche and another ion Dingboche which helps you to reach base camp without any hesitations.

Choosing best equipment

The trekking gears help well for trek. Without proper equipment you cannot do Everest Trek.

So, only you need are

Some advice at the end!

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