Mustang Witnesses The Biggest Snowfall in Decade

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The High impact Tourism Training (HITT) program, for mountain leadership has concluded.

The program was implemented by European Commission (EC) and SNV Nepal in partnership with the Trekking Agencies’ association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)

Altogether 17 trainers were produced during the project period. The total of 394 trekking workers was trained.
Speaking at the concluding ceremony, Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Ram Kumar Shrestha hoped that the training would be helpful in enhancing safety in Nepali mountain tourism. He also thanked the operators for implementing the program in Nepal.

If the experience of the locals in Mustang is anything to go by, the district straddling the Himalayan range witnessed the biggest fall of the decade on Saturday.

The snow that fell continuously for more than 12 hours, starting from Saturday morning has resulted in the two feet thick sheet of snow on the ground.

With heavy snow covering almost whole district, the life has been thrown out of gear.

The district headquarters, Jomsom, is one of the most affected region it witnessed two waves of snowfall in three days.
Locals say that it will take four more days for the district headquarters to return to normal. Air and transportation in the district have been disrupted.

With dipping mercury and the snow-covered surrounding brining almost all out-door activities to a standstill, the tourists, who had reached the district to savor the natural beauty, are forced to stay in door.

“After 10 or 1 years, it has snowed so heavily here. The whole Mustang District looks if it has been painted white,” Chandra Mohan Gauchan, a local in Jomsom mentioned. “Even we, the locals are dumbstruck to see such long hours of continuous snowfall in out place.”

“Snowfall in an annual phenomenon here, but this time, it fell for a long time and in a greater quantities that past years,” said he. The local office job holder Mr Surya Prasad Sharma who is also technician mentioned that he never had seen such thick snow before as he is living in Jomsom since last 15 years.

“I have been living here in Jomsom for the last 10 years. I haven’t seen such a heavy snowfall in the last 10 years.” Sharma added. Bidur Kuinkel, Jomsom Office chief of Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP), informed that frigid air blowing after the snowfall has made the life tougher in the area.

The locality of the district headquarters Jomsom has turned more spectacular with lands and houses painted white and the forest flecked and the mountain crowed by snow. Surya Bahadur Khatri, The air traffic Controller at Jomsom airport mentioned that they will clear the runways from Monday and it takes 4 to 5 days for normal flights.

Meanwhile, the Nepal Army team has cleared the runway of Jumla airport in Sunday. Since the snowfall from Monday the flight were disrupted.

Source: My Republica, 19 JAN, 2014

TAAN president Ramesh Dhamala said has come for adventure tourism operators to focus on quality by providing necessary trainings for trekking guides, crew and support staff. Hailing the training methodology, Dhamala assured that TAAN would carry on training trekking supporters by following te methodology.

Dhamala assured that TAAN would carry on training trekking workers by following the methodology, “Contribution of TAAN and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NAM) single is not enough. Time has come for all stake holders of Nepali tourism industry to sit together and devise strategy and action plan to promote responsible tourism practice,” He added.

The logbooks and training manuals were distributed by President Dhamala. Altogether with TAAN and A, 17 trekking companies had participated the training for trek workers. 55 trekking workers were participated via TAAN.ANV Nepal’s country Director Neefjes said the HITT project covered sectors like hygiene, hospitality, trekking and home stay. “We will now apply the HITT approach in agriculture sector,” he said, adding that SNV was closing its work tourism sector.

NMA president Zimba Zangby Sherpa expressed willingness to work jointly with stakeholders to carry on the trainings. Earlier, Tanhuy Cano, International associate advisor of HITT program, thanked all partners for their support for training.

Source: TAAN, Media center, 14, Jan, 20147

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