Everest Base Camp trek weather and Climate

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Although its whole trek Name Everest Base Camp, its final arrival points itself for this trek. Its particular point you will have to hike all the way from Lukla which is Everest Base Camp Trek.

Passionate adventure hikers and trekkers from all over the whole world they visit just to get Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Located on elevation of 5364 meters normally its second highest destination in whole trek after Kalapatthar (5545meter), although Kalapatthar presents best view among other points in Everest Base Camp Trek, the Base Camp is on target for every trekkers.

For each hiker the trek to Massive Mt. Everest showcases its own amazing, outstanding moments that last in the hearts and minds for whole life.

Everest Base Camp trek Weather

The most unequal factor of the Everest area is its weather. While trekking in this region if you do not prepare for the uncertain conditions that are likely to face in this amazing trek area then you will feel unpleasant and uncomfortable condition.

In whole Everest area normally it gets very cold in night time compared to day time. Almost every first time hikers the surprised once they knew the weather situation of the Everest region, even in time period of 24 hours the thermometer shows as high as 25 degree C during the day and it gets down to -20 degree C in night time. It means no any permanent weather condition apply in the region even in autumn day and its always gets hard to guess the weather condition.

Before you start your trip in Nepal Mountains you should read proper information regarding forecasts the biggest problem may occur if powerful hurricane winds in the region which blows at least 285 kilometers per hour. At least in May month these problem removes and people start climbing the Everest summit.

Spring season weather in Everest Base Camp Trek (March/April/May)

Known as best trek time the months of March, April and May presents best weather in the region but these months faces big crowed in the region. The temperature starts to go up from 10 to 20 degree Fahrenheit and hurricane wind declines to 5 or 6 mph around.

The humidity remains low in the winter time but climbers don’t like to reach the summit of Everest because of the wind and uncertain weather conditions on Mt Everest top.

After the trek you will be back Kathmandu loving Everest summiteers like yourself during these months and base cams covers by full of their tents camps. In the lower elevation, dissimilar flowers blossoms and beautiful clear sky can be seen.
In the end of May the windows to summit climbing opens and ends by 3th June. As a whole Everest stays with maximum of 17 degrees C average temperature and maximum it gets 25 degrees C in sunny days. Above 4000 meters at nights it may get up to -20 degrees C too.

Monsoon (summer) Season weather in Everest Base Camp (Mid June/July/ August)

However it’s not suggested time for trek to Everest Base Camp as its rainfalls in lower elevation bellow 3000 meters and snow falls in high elevations some trekkers still can been seen along the trek, it mainly depends on their luck too. In high elevation it stays dry too.

Despite these things there some advantage in these months too. This will be less heavy crowed and as it rainfalls in lowland in upper lands in the morning time the weather gets clear and cloud may come and may rain during the day.

During the monsoon the temperature goes up to 25 degree C during sunny days and it may go down to -15 degree C in night time but the average is 18 degree C.

Everest Base Camp Trek weather in autumn (September/ October/November)

These months are supper best like spring, however it’s much crowed period of the year its best time to reach the Base Camp of world’s highest peak.

Minimum 10 to 14 maximum degree Fahrenheit, Base Camp of Everest mild with racing winds speed to between maximum 7 to minimum 4 mph.

The humidity returns low as 20 percent and keeps dry for trekkers and summiteers like spring. During the fall average temperature stays 15 degree C and it may goes up to 20 degree C in sunny days.

Winter weather of Everest Base Camp Trek (December – January –February)

It is cold month in Himalayas of Nepal as it starts from late November to till end February. Most cold months the temperature goes down 0 to 4 degree C and during the night time it goes very low.

However it won’t rain the region in these months the days stays partly cloudy accept morning time of the days. If you travel with enough warm jackets and clothing you easily can do this trek fruitfully.


Even you traveling Everest region in best months mentioned above no matter you should carry your warm clothing. You need to prepare properly yourself and be ready to face any weather and climate condition which may occur in the region.

Layering of equipments and clothing to keep you warm every day is recommended. We always advice you to ask equipment for Everest Base Camp trek before you start your adventure with recommended companies.

Which will make you sure your trip will be enjoyable and pleasant however you face any obstacle along the route.

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