Everest Base Camp Trek in December

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The most iconic trek in the globe, Everest Base Camp trek in Christmas or December has its own beauty, especially in December and Christmas. December falls under winter season in Nepal. However, it can make your outing better during December and Christmas. The hidden secret behind this is that the visitors believe trekking cannot be done during this month. As a result of this, the crowded area of Everest region becomes peaceful and you get the option for trekking routes. You can witness the glorified nature, high hills, and mountain peaks during this time.

The key point for every trekker is to believe upon you. There’s nothing like the best time and only a few understand it. It is found that some of the visitors go with a tricky mind to Everest Base Camp trek in December and Christmas.

It’s possible to get overall views, a wonderful scenario like that of October during December too. In fact, you get chance to explore snow-capped mountains, cloudless skies, religious communities and icefalls, less crowded lodges including cheap food pricing and accommodation. The temperature remains cold throughout the month. The day temperature reaches to 17℃, evening and night temperature to -15℃. You are supposed to start your Everest Base Camp trek early in the morning because the days are shorter and nights are longer during this month.

Why Everest Base Camp trek in December?

Low Precipitation
Everest region has low precipitation during December. Day remains cold and night remains colder but you do not need to worry about walking in wet clothes to the final destination of the day.

Clear visibility/stunning views
The sky looks clear with thrilling landscapes of an environment. The cold air kisses your chick, gives a kind of pleasure to your journey. Standing in front of the Mt. Everest is really breathtaking. Basically, late December is the period for snowfall. So, go to the Everest Base Camp trek in the early December.

Few trekkers/Peaceful trails
Normally, people do not trek during December. They believe that it’s not the suitable time to trek the Everest region. So, choosing December as your trekking month is the best option for you. The lodges remain comfortable with full-fledged facilities. You can click as many pictures as you wish because there is no any disturbance.

Easy Accommodations
There’s a direct link between less crowd and accommodations. You get options to choose lodges of your choice. The tea houses remain peaceful. There’s no worry about pricing and cozy beds. You can get meals and drinks at a cheaper price than that in peak seasons. Also, you get time to rest at a fireplace in the colder evening.

Everest Base Camp weather in December

The weather remains cold throughout the night and evening time but it’s bearable during the daytime. December is just the starting of the winter season in Nepal. So, early December can be a favorable time for you to go to the Everest region.

Why Everest Base Camp trek in Christmas?

Fulfill your wish to celebrate Christmas in a quite different way by going to Everest Base Camp trek. The weather will be thrilling with majestic views of Himalayas. The marvelous views of Mt. Everest on the Christmas day; what else can be the memorable day than that?

EBC December and Christmas trekking tips

Be prepared for difficult trails and colder night
Get yourself fit with warm clothes
Better carry an extra down jacket and sleeping bag

Final say,

Life becomes adventurous when you experience the thing in a more unique way than other does. Everest Base Camp trek in December is the suitable trek for you to make rest of your life beautiful. Feel free to contact us for any sorts of queries and questions. Our dedicated team crews are always there to assist and make your trip memorable.

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