Annapurna Base Camp Trek Photo

Trekking Guide Porter Hire

Comments 18 Jul 2019 Adventure Discovery

Guides and porters are your supporters, good wishes, and helper. Livelihood feeling of nature, trekking in Nepal is adventurous, splendid, and exciting. One may wonder why do they need guides; their importance is profound and would save your life from any sorts of danger. Trekking to a Lower elevation (above...

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Everest Trek Nepal

Visit Nepal 2020

3 7 Jul 2019 Adventure Discovery

Visit Nepal 2020, the land of hundreds of temples, monasteries, and ethnic groups Nepal is the country of peace and... Continue Reading
Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Self Independent Trek to Everest Base Camp

3 29 Jun 2019 Adventure Discovery

Self Independent Trek to Everest Base camp of Everest region is no way far from danger. However, the excitement, the... Continue Reading
Everest Trek Nepal

Trekking Guide to Everest Base Camp

3 17 Jun 2019 Adventure Discovery

Nepal is a land of the Himalayas with a beautiful soul and a powerful gang of mountain ranges, forest, hills,... Continue Reading
Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Lower Mustang Trek cost

3 15 May 2019 Adventure Discovery

The North-west part of Nepal which is rich in natural beauty, alluring valleys, and reckless sports is lower Mustang. The... Continue Reading
Everest Rolwaling Trek

EBC Via Gokyo Trek

3 14 May 2019 Adventure Discovery

The Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC) via Gokyo Lake Trek is one of the popular trekking trails which invites thousands... Continue Reading

Gorkha beeing popular destination

3 11 Apr 2019 Adventure Discovery

Gorkha is historic place of Nepal received quite good numbers of tourists this year. Educational tour is pretty popular to... Continue Reading

Guwahati to Host Tibetan Festival in February

3 11 Apr 2019 Adventure Discovery

Guwahati, the largest city in India’s North-eastern state of Assam is set to host a five day Festival of Tibetan... Continue Reading

Everest Base Camp Trek in April May

3 21 Mar 2019 Adventure Discovery

Everest Base Camp trek is the best trekking trail in South Asia. Well, to be honest thousands of trekkers around... Continue Reading

Things to do in Kathmandu Nepal

3 26 Feb 2019 Adventure Discovery

There’s no doubt that Nepal is land of beauties with thousands of Himalayas, ethnic groups, festivals, caste, culture, and religion.... Continue Reading

Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour

3 19 Feb 2019 Adventure Discovery

The most exciting tour in Nepal Upper Mustang Helicopter Tour brings all sorts of joyous, happiness, entertainment, adventure in your... Continue Reading

Number of Tourist Down in Lumbini

3 5 Jan 2019 Adventure Discovery

Birth place of Lord Buddha has come down these days and the number of third national’s tourists goes down in... Continue Reading

Nepal World Heritage Sites Tour

3 1 Jan 2019 Adventure Discovery

The UN administering body UNESCO has defined World Heritage Sites as spots that have a place with every one of... Continue Reading

EBC Trek in February

3 23 Dec 2018 Adventure Discovery

Is it true that you want to visit Nepal in February? Would you like to trek to Everest Base Camp?... Continue Reading

Winter Treks in Nepal Himalaya

3 15 Dec 2018 Adventure Discovery

Winter Trekking in Nepal is extraordinary experience of snow canvassed white Himalayas in clear radiant climate. Mountain area is colder... Continue Reading

Best Time to Trek in Upper Mustang

3 6 Dec 2018 Adventure Discovery

Upper Mustang trek is a least explored trip to a remote arid area of trans-Himalayan Mountains. In the past often... Continue Reading

Langtang Trek Cost

3 16 Nov 2018 Adventure Discovery

Langtang valley trek is the beautiful, unspoiled trek to the Himalayan region of Nepal. Just after several hours of drive... Continue Reading

Poon Hill Trek Weather in December

3 30 Oct 2018 Adventure Discovery

The thrilling and exciting trek to the hill lying at an elevation of 3210 m is Ghorepani Poon hill trek.... Continue Reading

Everest Base Camp Trek in December

3 16 Oct 2018 Adventure Discovery

The most iconic trek in the globe, Everest Base Camp trek in Christmas or December has its own beauty, especially... Continue Reading

Major Festival in Nepal

3 11 Oct 2018 Adventure Discovery

Nepal is a multilingual, multicultural and multiethnic country. The thread of nationality binds Nepalese binds Nepalese together. Our festival, culture,... Continue Reading

Trekking in Annapurna

3 7 Oct 2018 Adventure Discovery

There is no any doubt trekking in Annapurna is the world’s most favorable destination for nature lovers and travel seeker.... Continue Reading

Everest Helicopter Tour VS Mountain flight

3 10 Sep 2018 Adventure Discovery

The question has risen, “Does it make any differences between the Everest Heli tour and Everest Mountain flight?” of course... Continue Reading

Best Treks View Point in Nepal

3 4 Sep 2018 Adventure Discovery

Dozens of Trekking trails and best treks view points are available in Nepal. There is a small portion of the... Continue Reading

Top Ten Best Treks in Nepal

3 31 Aug 2018 Adventure Discovery

Once a time is gone, it never comes back. So, there’s a saying; “Time waits for none”. Trekking includes your... Continue Reading

5 reason to visit Nepal

3 28 Aug 2018 Adventure Discovery

Our Nation Nepal is with loads of Trekking destinations including short and long treks to easy to strenuous hiking train... Continue Reading

EBC Trek in October

3 21 Aug 2018 Adventure Discovery

Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek has become the enthusiastic trek among the travelers around the world. It’s daring to trek... Continue Reading

EBC Helicopter Flight Landing Tour

3 15 Aug 2018 Adventure Discovery

The thrilling chartered EBC helicopter tour giving you all sorts of gladsome and provocation is Everest Base Camp helicopter Tour.... Continue Reading

Helicopter Tours in Nepal

3 12 Aug 2018 Adventure Discovery

Say yes to new adventures. Quit your job and go for backpacking. The trending helicopter tour in Nepal where you... Continue Reading

Trekking in Nepal in September

3 8 Aug 2018 Adventure Discovery

If someone is nature lover, the country Nepal could be the best option for everyone who prefers to explore the... Continue Reading

Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour

3 6 Aug 2018 Adventure Discovery

Upper Mustang consists of quirky holy place namely Damodar Kunda. Visitors across the world come for trekking as well as... Continue Reading

Everest Base Camp Helicopter landing Tour

3 5 Aug 2018 Adventure Discovery

Don’t tell us how educated you are, tell us how much you traveled around the world. A tour above the... Continue Reading

Few Regions to visit Nepal

3 11 Jul 2018 Adventure Discovery

If anyone planning to the find the real beauty of Nepal then our country with lots of amazing chances and... Continue Reading

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour in Nepal

3 9 Jul 2018 Adventure Discovery

The tourism industry in Nepal is growing rapidly. The largest example of it raise is the improvement of the transportation... Continue Reading

Major Tourist cities in Nepal

3 26 Jun 2018 Adventure Discovery

Nepal is rated as top destination for travelers to visit for throughout the world. Ornamented by full of natural beauty,... Continue Reading

Top ten best trekking in Nepal

3 7 Jun 2018 Adventure Discovery

Nepal is one of the famous countries in the world for adventurous trekking and hiking. Known as the country of... Continue Reading

How to prevent altitude sickness for EBC trek

3 16 May 2018 Adventure Discovery

How to prevent altitude sickness in Everest Base Camp Trek ? Climbing over the elevation of 5000 meter and conquering... Continue Reading

Nepal Trekking in October

3 11 May 2018 Adventure Discovery

Ornamented by natural beauty and high Himalayan adventure, Nepal is one of the famous trekking destinations in the globe. Thousands... Continue Reading
Pokhara Tour

Day Hiking around Pokhara

3 1 May 2018 Adventure Discovery

Every Nepal visitors they prefer to know options around Pokhara and here I am making it possible for each of... Continue Reading

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

3 24 Apr 2018 Adventure Discovery

Mount Everest Base Camp known as EBC is iconic center for each and every trekkers who are always keen to... Continue Reading

Trekking in Nepal in February

3 21 Apr 2018 Adventure Discovery

All year around Nepal is suitable to visit and explore its massiveness. You may plan your travel any time of... Continue Reading

Everest Base Camp Trek in May

3 16 Apr 2018 Adventure Discovery

As thousands of tourists enter Nepal for trekking in high Himalayan ranges of Nepal and the Everest Base Camp Trek... Continue Reading

Tourist go missing in Annapurna trek Nepal

3 10 Apr 2018 Adventure Discovery

Right after Annapurna Base Camp Trek in Mid March of 2018, the Korean trekker Ji Ae went missing while she... Continue Reading

Most Popular Treks in Nepal

3 7 Apr 2018 Adventure Discovery

Over hundreds of trekking destinations in Nepal are in use but among them few of the most popular trekking trails... Continue Reading

Nepal Trekking in Monsoon

3 19 Mar 2018 Adventure Discovery

Normally June, July and August are monsoon period in Nepal and to do trek in this time of year is... Continue Reading

Everest helicopter tour in Nepal

3 15 Mar 2018 Adventure Discovery

Adventure Discovery Treks and Travel is one of the top outfitter operator agencies in Nepal fulfilling dream of hundreds of... Continue Reading

Everest Base camp trek training

3 13 Mar 2018 Adventure Discovery

Most known and popular trekking the world, The Everest Base Camp trek is easy to get to most people who... Continue Reading

Everest Base Camp Trek in October

3 11 Mar 2018 Adventure Discovery

Almost half population of the world knows Mt Everest Located in Nepal and its popular trekking destination up to Base... Continue Reading

Guide to Everest Base Camp Trek

3 1 Mar 2018 Adventure Discovery

For those people who are familiar around Everest Base Camp trekking area is not just walking to get massive Himalayan... Continue Reading

Best time to Trek in Annapurna base Camp of the year

3 20 Feb 2018 Adventure Discovery

Annapurna sanctuary trek known as Annapurna base Camp, which is the most walked trek in Nepal, traditional unique Gurung culture,... Continue Reading

How difficult to do EBC Trek

3 18 Feb 2018 Adventure Discovery

As the world knows Mt Everest is the world’s highest peak which stands on the elevation 8,848 meters. With this... Continue Reading

Everest Luxury Lodges

3 13 Feb 2018 Adventure Discovery

When the trek to Everest Base Camp was explored for the first time there were no any tea houses or... Continue Reading

Best short treks in Nepal

3 3 Feb 2018 Adventure Discovery

If anyone visiting Nepal for the purpose of Short Treks in Nepal, Here is the overview snapshot of some of... Continue Reading

Guide to Annapurna Mardi Himal Trek Nepal

3 31 Jan 2018 Adventure Discovery

If someone is in search of a trek that charges you less, efforts less and time the best option to... Continue Reading

Vacation in Nepal

3 27 Jan 2018 Adventure Discovery

Trekking and Tour Vacation in Nepal Trekking and tour Vacation in Nepal is always dream for those who have heard... Continue Reading

Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary

3 25 Jan 2018 Adventure Discovery

The nation Nepal is ultimate destination for everyone in the world to explore hustle and bustle town Thamel in Kathmandu... Continue Reading

Lakes in Nepal Himalayas on trek routes

3 18 Jan 2018 Adventure Discovery

Someone who always interests about Himalayas those also has interests to see lakes in Himalayan region. The world’s popular trekking... Continue Reading

Jomsom Looked more beautiful after Snowfall

3 17 Jan 2018 Adventure Discovery

After three hours of snowfall, Jomsom, a beautiful hilly town across the Himalayas, looked even more beautiful on Thursday morning.... Continue Reading

Best Trekking Routes in Nepal

3 15 Jan 2018 Adventure Discovery

If you thinking to create life time memory with adventure in your life then Nepal could be your dream destination.... Continue Reading

Best Time to go trekking in Nepal

3 5 Jan 2018 Adventure Discovery

Taking pleasant movement every people in the world prefers to forget troubles even in the times of stress and worry.... Continue Reading

Luxury Trekking in Nepal

3 3 Jan 2018 Adventure Discovery

Nepal is possible for shopping to dinner, treks to jungle safari and Bungy jumping to rafting as its on the... Continue Reading

Bird watching in Chitwan National Park

3 11 Dec 2017 Adventure Discovery

In terms of biography the Chitwan national park of Nepal is richest area. Listed on chosen UNESCO world heritage site,... Continue Reading

Everest Base Camp trek weather and Climate

3 3 Dec 2017 Adventure Discovery

Although its whole trek Name Everest Base Camp, its final arrival points itself for this trek. Its particular point you... Continue Reading

Motor Bike ride to upper Mustang

3 30 Nov 2017 Adventure Discovery

While you driving to Upper Mustang the road looks really amazing on both sides with deserts view lands. Some part... Continue Reading

Winter Tour and treks in Nepal

3 12 Nov 2017 Adventure Discovery

Winter has started in Nepal. Himalayan region of country fully covers by snow and locals suffer by cold. There are... Continue Reading

Lukla airport gets busy

3 16 Oct 2017 Adventure Discovery

Highlights of the trek Mt Everest being world’s popular adventure traveler’s target Everest region receiving 1500 people a day in... Continue Reading

Jomsom to Tilicho Lake trail rebuild

3 7 Oct 2017 Adventure Discovery

Annapurna is one of the liked trekking routes in Nepal. Different route explorations keep going on every year to attract... Continue Reading

Local municipality to collect levy in Everest

3 5 Oct 2017 Adventure Discovery

Everest trek region is under the command of Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality after the local election recently held in... Continue Reading

Blind Man story of Everest summit

3 2 Oct 2017 Adventure Discovery

Just to be one of hundreds who have climbed Mt Everest is an enormous achievement but the one with blind... Continue Reading

Nepal to measure Everest height

3 24 Sep 2017 Adventure Discovery

As the world knows that the highest peak on earth is Mt Everest which lies east northern part of Nepal.... Continue Reading

Tourists spending decreases in Nepal

3 13 Sep 2017 Adventure Discovery

So far Nepal welcomes around half million tourists in the country in first half of 2017 which is big raises... Continue Reading

Annapurna Circuit receives more trekkers

3 13 Sep 2017 Adventure Discovery

Lonely planet recommended Annapurna Circuit trek as world’s best adventure destination few years back. An alpine trail of Annapurna is... Continue Reading

Highest peaks are in Nepal

3 7 Sep 2017 Adventure Discovery

Whenever people talk about Nepal they think about the Himalayas and white snow peaks. Nepal has become synonymous with Himalayas... Continue Reading

Tips for Solo travelers in Nepal

3 28 Aug 2017 Adventure Discovery

Solo travel in Nepal is very easy; however you need to prepare whatever it comes in front of you. People... Continue Reading

Chitwan National Park flood damage

3 21 Aug 2017 Adventure Discovery

Due to monsoon last week Chitwan National Park was greatly affected by flood where Sauraha which is main tourist hub... Continue Reading

Three place for meditation in Kathmandu

3 20 Aug 2017 Adventure Discovery

Despite panoptic appeal and its popularity, meditation is a widely misunderstood subject. Nepal is beautiful country to explore Himalayas and... Continue Reading

Arunima Shina first Indian lady to climb Everest

3 14 Aug 2017 Adventure Discovery

Hundreds of records have been made so far while climbing the highest peak of the world. Likewise, Indian lady born... Continue Reading

Tourism increased in 2017

3 30 Jul 2017 Adventure Discovery

Since past few years the country’s tourism faced many ups and down but this year the tourism has growth by... Continue Reading

72 years man to climb Mt Everest

3 23 Jul 2017 Adventure Discovery

To become oldest man to summit the world’s tallest peak Mt Everest, Ramiro Herrera is setting a high bar and... Continue Reading

Pokhara Tourist city not to miss

3 14 Jul 2017 Adventure Discovery

With forested hills standing by kale and covered by snow capped Himalayan peaks to visit Pokhara city was a memorable... Continue Reading

Nepal Government to re measure Everest height

3 27 Jun 2017 Adventure Discovery

The tourism department of Nepal has started it own measurement of Mt. Everest to actual height of the earth’s highest... Continue Reading

British Gurkha soldier summit Everest

3 8 Jun 2017 Adventure Discovery

End of climbing season of spring in Nepal comes at the end; the Gurkha army soldiers have made history standing... Continue Reading

Indian climber lost in Everest

3 30 May 2017 Adventure Discovery

High-altitude experts to retrieve body of an Indian climber from Everest on Thursday morning will embark on a daring mission... Continue Reading

Hilary Steps on Everest disappeared

3 24 May 2017 Adventure Discovery

Popular mark of Mt. Everest has disappeared making the earth’s tallest mountain even more dangerous to climbers. Due to the... Continue Reading

Illegal climber arrested in Everest

3 19 May 2017 Adventure Discovery

Nepal police arrested South African film maker who tried to climb Mt. Everest without permits in Kathmandu. Ryan Davy of... Continue Reading

Everest expedition jam may occur problem

3 6 May 2017 Adventure Discovery

The British Mountaineer Tim Mosedale was descending from Everest Khumbu Icefall after recent acclimatization run when he came across a... Continue Reading

New trekking trails searching in Pokhara

3 27 Apr 2017 Adventure Discovery

Finding efforts for new trekking trails have started around Pokhara in order to boost and retain the rising number of... Continue Reading

Best time for Everest Base Camp trek

3 18 Apr 2017 Adventure Discovery

Mt Everest Base Camp Trek located in eastern part of Nepal on the border of Tibet and the Everest is... Continue Reading

Dhaulagiri base camp crowded

3 17 Apr 2017 Adventure Discovery

Dhaulagiri Base Camp is now busting with mountain climbers who came to summit. Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in... Continue Reading

Pokhara to Held Nepali New year event

3 9 Apr 2017 Adventure Discovery

Pokhara touristic city have been celebrating New Year Festival every year. Likewise the 14th Fewa Nepali New Year festival will... Continue Reading

250 climbers acclimatizing in Everest Base Camp

3 7 Apr 2017 Adventure Discovery

With over 5000 climbers expectations of expedition operators on the base camp of Mt Everest in this spring at least... Continue Reading

New trekking trail in Nepal

3 2 Apr 2017 Adventure Discovery

Thirteen new trek routes including in Dhaulagiri and Kanjirowa Himalayan range have been discovered. Nepalese mountaineer Man Bahadur Khatri in... Continue Reading

Langtang Marathon event on 25 April

3 26 Mar 2017 Adventure Discovery

Under two categories of men and women Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) is operating second edition of Langtang Marathon... Continue Reading

Pokhara on the list to visit in spring

3 20 Mar 2017 Adventure Discovery

The world has best adventure and tourist destinations but Nepal’s beautiful lake city Pokhara has made it to the lost... Continue Reading

Tourists arrivals raise in Nepal

3 17 Mar 2017 Adventure Discovery

After the earthquake of 2015 the nation’s hotel bookings has improved in spring (march to May) for first time along... Continue Reading

Langtang Village rebuilding going on

3 2 Mar 2017 Adventure Discovery

Popular trekking destination Langtang Valley was destroyed by earthquake in April 2015 and with no any further hopes survivor left... Continue Reading

Three women to climb Kanchanjunga

3 27 Feb 2017 Adventure Discovery

Nepal the small country and located between China and India has hug range of Himalayan range. The nation offers great... Continue Reading

EBC trek via Luxury lodges

3 19 Feb 2017 Adventure Discovery

When you think of making trip to Everest holidaying idea in the region in luxury way seems impossible. The remote... Continue Reading

Chitlang home stay being popular

3 11 Feb 2017 Adventure Discovery

Home stay business in the country has developed well since a decade as budget travelers prefers to stay cheep home... Continue Reading

Places to visit around Pokhara

3 1 Feb 2017 Adventure Discovery

Although several view spot closer by Pokhara, Dhampus can offer you great picturesque vistas and wilderness feelings. Beautiful village located... Continue Reading

Trekkers increased well in Nepal

3 30 Jan 2017 Adventure Discovery

Trekkers compared to last year have increased in big number this year. During the year of 2016 45 percent adventure... Continue Reading

Snow Playing places in Nepal

3 26 Jan 2017 Adventure Discovery

Nepal is diverse country having hilly area to plane land. There is several snow playing hills in the country during... Continue Reading

Experience Everest in Luxury way

3 23 Jan 2017 Adventure Discovery

If you are short on time for Everest region trek here we have managed short and suit trek itinerary to... Continue Reading

NYTimes listed best destination Langtang

3 8 Jan 2017 Adventure Discovery

Nepal offers various different targets for adventure seekers in the world. Langtnag is region is one of the best adventures... Continue Reading

Tea House trekking in Nepal

3 4 Jan 2017 Adventure Discovery

Nepal Tea House Trek: what you wish to Imagine? If you planning and exciting your Lodge or Tea house treks... Continue Reading

DoT to monitor tourism companies

3 3 Jan 2017 Adventure Discovery

Nepal government is all set to modify Trekking and Travel guideline. Including the condition of making register of trekking and... Continue Reading

TAAN to explore new trekking trails

3 28 Dec 2016 Adventure Discovery

TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal has allocated around 100 million rupees for finding new trekking routes , rebuild damaged... Continue Reading

Nagarkot Dhulikhel hiking

3 20 Dec 2016 Adventure Discovery

I was keen to inform travelers of the world where should be the best place to visit around Kathmandu and... Continue Reading

New safari routes opened in Chitwan

3 15 Dec 2016 Adventure Discovery

The most famous jungle activity in Chitwan for tourists Elephant safari, being started another four buffer areas inside Chitwan national... Continue Reading

White Water Rafting challenge in Pokhara

3 28 Nov 2016 Adventure Discovery

In order to promote adventure tourism in the country different association have been operating various challenge events across the country.... Continue Reading

Physical training required for Island peak

3 20 Nov 2016 Adventure Discovery

Climbing trekking peaks in Nepal are quite popular. To climb different peak required different physical conditions. The common questions for... Continue Reading

World best airlines for 2017

3 17 Nov 2016 Adventure Discovery

Are you willing to travel in 2017 to undiscovered destinations of the world? If yes, there are several things to... Continue Reading

Chinese flight are increasing

3 13 Nov 2016 Adventure Discovery

Most of Chinese airlines that have stopped the flight to Kathmandu Nepal after the earthquake have started their regular services... Continue Reading

Outbound Tourism Increased

3 5 Nov 2016 Adventure Discovery

Nepal tourism year 2011 targeted of welcoming over one million foreigners to the country in last five years to raise... Continue Reading

Rai nominated national Geo adventurer

3 4 Nov 2016 Adventure Discovery

The former child shoulder of Gurilla war popularly known as ultra Nepalese runner Mira Rai has been nominated Adventurer of... Continue Reading

Domestic trekkers increased in Annapurna

3 29 Oct 2016 Adventure Discovery

Over decades the world’s known Annapurna Circuit has been big destination for adventure lovers. Thousands of foreigners visit the place... Continue Reading

Local trekkers are neglected in ABC

3 24 Oct 2016 Adventure Discovery

The popular Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) that reaches on the elevation of 4130 meters passing interesting traditional villages, wonderful jungles,... Continue Reading

Trek to Poon Hill of Annapurna

3 20 Oct 2016 Adventure Discovery

Passing through green hills and seeing snow capped Fishtail along with Annapurna Himalayan range the bus helpers informed that the... Continue Reading

Everest – A massive trek and peaks

3 18 Oct 2016 Adventure Discovery

During the month of September to November Everest regions welcomes majority of the Nepal visitors to see its beauties and... Continue Reading

Domestic flights fully booked for Dashain

3 15 Sep 2016 Adventure Discovery

With time to start 3 weeks of Nepal’s national festival “Dashain” the air flights seems fully booked furing the festival... Continue Reading

Bhutan opens up more adventure tourism

3 15 Mar 2014 Adventure Discovery

Tourism is tightly controlled in the Himalayan nation but some outdoors expeditions are being offered in collaboration with U.S. outfitters.... Continue Reading

Six trek route to open up

3 5 Mar 2014 Adventure Discovery

Half-a-dozen new trekking routes are being constructed to promote tourism in Myagdi district of Nepal.  The routes were lunched with... Continue Reading

Mithila Circuit Pilgrimage starts

3 4 Mar 2014 Adventure Discovery

The 15-day Madhyama Parikrama, an age-old circumambulatory pilgrimage march, the biggest of religious pilgrimages in the region, has commenced. As... Continue Reading

Qatar Airways Expand Routes

3 4 Mar 2014 Adventure Discovery

Qatar Airways has launched two new routes to Sharjah and Dubai World central Maktoum International Airport from the airline’s hub... Continue Reading

Rafting Promoted in Far west Regional Tourism Fair 2014

3 2 Mar 2014 Adventure Discovery

An executive team of Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies were participated 2nd far west regional tourism fair -2014, mahendranagar, kanchanpure... Continue Reading

Euro III Buses on Pokhara Roads

3 26 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

Euro model buses started plying Pokhara roads from today.  Pokhara Bus Entrepreneur’s Committee has brought as many as 17 environment-friendly... Continue Reading

Seminar in Bihar for tourism opportunity in Nepal

3 24 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

Bihar’s Minister for food and Consumer protection, Shyam rajak underlined the need of developing linkages between Nepal and Bihar, Northen... Continue Reading

Preparations for Mahashivaratri almost completed

3 21 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

The pashupati Area development Trust said it has almost completed the preparations for mahashivaratri, a major Hindu festival dedicated to... Continue Reading

Soaltee Bags Award

3 9 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

Hotel Soltee Crowne Plaza won the “Trip Advisor Travelers” choice 2014 for receiving the highest appreciation from their guests on... Continue Reading

Mahashivaratri Preparation begins

3 7 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

The pashupati Area Development Trust has begun preparations for Mahashivaratri, a major Hindu Festival Dedicated to Lord Shiva to be... Continue Reading

Tourism Minister Hope Nepali Arline Companies Will be Removed from EU Black List

3 7 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation Ram Kumar Shrestha has expressed hope that Nepali Airline companies would soon be removed... Continue Reading

India Eases Visa Rules to Boost Tourist Numbers

3 7 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

Tourists travelling to India from 180 countries will no longer have to queue at their local consulates to obtain visas... Continue Reading

12th National Industrial Exhibition From Today

3 6 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

The 12th National Industrial Trade Fair and Cottage Industry Festival and Renewable Energy Week- 2014 is Starting at the Bhirkutimandap... Continue Reading

Shree Panchami Being Observed Across the Country

3 6 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

People all over the nation are observing Shree panchami on Tuesday. People are thronging the temples of Saraswoti to pay... Continue Reading

Tradition of Vasanta Shrawan Continues

3 5 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

Giving continuity to an age-old tradition, a special function was organized at the ancient Hanumandhoka Palace in the Capital to... Continue Reading

Govt Preparing Ten Year Tourism Strategy Plan

3 5 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

Foreign assistance is likely to be attracted in tourism sector thanks to the Ten Year Tourism Strategy Plan being prepared... Continue Reading

European Experts to study Nepals Air safety

3 3 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

A high level team of experts from the European Commission (EC) that arrived in Kathmandu Saturday is all set to... Continue Reading

12.91 Tourist visited Tibet in 2013

3 3 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

A record 12.91 million tourists visited Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), the western half of ethnographic Tibet, in 2013, with the... Continue Reading

Himalayan Travel Mart To Be Held in May

3 3 Feb 2014 Adventure Discovery

Pacific Asia travel Association PATA Nepal Chapter is organizing Himalayan Travel Mart HTM in Kathmandu in May. The recent held... Continue Reading

Sonam Lhosar being Observed with Gusto across the nation

3 31 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Sonal Lhosar, a greatest festival of the Tamang people is being observed across the nation by organizing various programmes and... Continue Reading

NTB Welcomed the Newly Elected Committees of various associations

3 31 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Five Turkish have been felicitated with the Everest Diamond Jubilee medals at a program held in Istanbul of Turkey on... Continue Reading

Everest Diamond Jubilee medals to five Turkish

3 31 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Five Turkish have been felicitated with the Everest Diamond Jubilee medals at a program held in Istanbul of Turkey on... Continue Reading

Lukla Airport Serves 84 thousands in 2013

3 31 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla saw some 84,000 passengers landing and taking off in 2013. Using flights by various... Continue Reading

Nepal doubles tourism services fee to focus more on promotion

3 29 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) is doubling Tourism Service fee (TSF) Levied on foreigners departing from Tribhuban International Airport (TIA)... Continue Reading

Qatar Bags Best Business Class Award

3 29 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Qatar Airways has bagged the “Best Business Class” award at the 25th Annual Best in Business Travel Awards recently held... Continue Reading

Eastern Regional Tourism Fair From Thursday

3 29 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) is organizing third eastern Regional Tourism fair 2014 in Damak of Jhapa district from Thursday. The... Continue Reading

Nepal Visa Extension via Online Only

3 28 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Foreigner travelers seeking to extend their stay in Nepal will soon have to file application online. From February 1, the... Continue Reading

Land mark Resort to Open on 27 February

3 28 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Landmark Forest Park Resort in Bagamara of Chitwan is formally starting operation from February 27. Sundan panta, sales and marketing... Continue Reading

Nine new Airports for Uttar Pradesh

3 27 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Of the nine airports, one will developed at Fursatganj in Amethi, as well as other airfield in cities of Meerut,... Continue Reading

India And Nepal to have new Transit routes soon

3 27 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

In order to facilitate growth in cross border trade, Indian and its north eastern neighbor Himalayan country Bhutan are going... Continue Reading

Basic canyoning Guide Training Concludes

3 26 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Basic Canyoning Training organized by the Trekking Agencies Association (TAAN) concluded at lamjung on January 23. Keshav panday, senior vice... Continue Reading

TIA to Have new arriving Hall with parking

3 26 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) will soon have a new arrival hall and arrival parking facility. Rasuwa KD Company, a joint... Continue Reading

Hotel Booking for Feb, March Goes Up

3 26 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Occupancy rate of five star hotels in the Capital for February and March looks promising this year compared to same... Continue Reading

Pokhara Trade Fair a Big Hit

3 26 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The ongoing national Trade fair in Pokhara has been a big draw, attracting a total of 6,000 people visitors on... Continue Reading

Number of air passengers using Pokhara Airport tumples

3 24 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The number of air passengers using the Pokhara airport decline by 19,600 in 2013. Air passenger numbers dipped to 359,899... Continue Reading

Made in Nepal expo from February 13

3 23 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The fourth edition of “Made in Nepal products and Service exhibition” is being held from February 13 to 16 at... Continue Reading

Excavation starts at Bhawanipur and Jitgadi

3 23 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The Department of Archaeology has started excavation at the historically and archaeologically significant sites of Jitgadi and Bhawanipur in Rupandehi... Continue Reading

Kathmandu and Pokhara To Enjoy Japanese Films

3 23 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The Embassy of Japan is organizing a three-day Japanese Film festival in order to promote Japanese cultural in Nepal. The... Continue Reading

35 Days Notice To Evacuate Encroached Heritage area

3 23 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The administration has warned in writing to the locals to evacuate the land they have encroached upon for settlement in... Continue Reading

Nat’l industrial trade kicks off

3 23 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The national Industrial Trade Fair 2014 starts at Pokhara Exhibition center in Naya Bazaar on Thursday. ‘Promotion of Investment, promotion... Continue Reading

Tourist Arrivals Up from Eastern Checkpoint

3 22 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The inflow of tourists from eastern checkpoint of Nepal, Kakadbhitta, has seen abrupt increase. As many as 5,651 tourists had... Continue Reading

Home Stay Available Now in Domukha

3 21 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Home stay is now available at Domukha, the popular tourist destination of Jhapa. Home stay has been initiated in order... Continue Reading

International Film Fest in Kathmandu From Jan 27

3 21 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

A five days international film festival is being organized in Kathmandu starting on January 27. The festival to be organized... Continue Reading

Tara Air Conducts Test Flight to Taplejung

3 21 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Tara Air successfully operated test flight at Taplejung Airport on Monday. The airline’s Dornier Do-228 aircraft commanded by Captain Bodh... Continue Reading

Qatar Announces Discounts on Airfare

3 21 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Qatar Airways is offering customers up to 30 percent discount on economy class and premium cabin fares to a wide... Continue Reading

Tharus Relive King Dangisharans Wedding

3 20 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Wading through a crowd of people and beautiful belles standing on the way with the water-filled urns for the reception,... Continue Reading

Campaign to Clean Trishuli begins

3 20 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

A Champaign to clean the Trisuli River was launched on Sunday, with half-a-dozen organizations INCLUDING NEPAL Tourism Board (NTB) and... Continue Reading

Mustang Schools are closed due to Cold

3 20 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

All the schools in Mustang district have been closed for two months with the growing cold. The schools are closed... Continue Reading

Mustang Witnesses The Biggest Snowfall in Decade

3 20 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The High impact Tourism Training (HITT) program, for mountain leadership has concluded. The program was implemented by European Commission (EC)... Continue Reading

HITT program for Mountain leadership Concludes.

3 19 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The High impact Tourism Training (HITT) program, for mountain leadership has concluded. The program was implemented by European Commission (EC)... Continue Reading

Potala palace to be protected Through Legislation

3 19 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

A law in a bid to protect the Potala palace will be made in the next five years. The law,... Continue Reading

Heavy Snowfall Hits Western Hills

3 19 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Once again, heavy snowfalls have affected normal life across the far-western and mid western hills. The Mountains areas are fully... Continue Reading

Pokhara Listened to Sur Sudha Live Music

3 19 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Pokhara saw Sur Sudha perform live for the first time on Friday at madhushala Restro and lounge bar situated in... Continue Reading

Heavy Winter rain falls – Temperature goes down across the Country

3 19 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Giving hope to the farmers for winter crop production while also crippling life across the northern belt of the country,... Continue Reading

Kathmandu Valley gets fatalists with Wider Roads

3 19 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The ongoing road widening drive and bLacktop of the roads has brought about drastic changes in the face of Kathmandu... Continue Reading

Gorakhnath Temple Renovation halted

3 18 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Kathmandu metropolitan City (KMC) has halted the renovation of Gorakhnath temple located at the premises of Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square... Continue Reading

Star Hotels to Get Tax incentives in Lekhnath Area

3 18 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Lekhnath Municipality has announced tax incentives to individuals or groups investing on star hotels in Lekhnath area which has so... Continue Reading

Caynoning Training Kicks off

3 17 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

A 10 day basic canyoning and leadership Development Training kicked off at Beshishar of Lamjung on January 14. The training... Continue Reading

Bouddha Stupa getting Facelift After 15 years

3 17 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Works have started on renovation and painting at the Bouddhanath Stupa, a world heritage site, after fifteen years. The Bouddhanath... Continue Reading

Museum to Protect Newari Culture

3 17 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

A museum has been established here at the people’s level in order to promote the language, culture and identity of... Continue Reading

Nepal Promoted TTF in Bangalore

3 17 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

A Nepal travel delegation, led by Nepal tourism Board (NTB), recently participated in the Travel and Tourism fair (TTF) held... Continue Reading

Domestic and Indian Tourists Up in Lumbini

3 17 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

However the third country’s visitors are not so encouraging to Lumbini, The birth place of lord Bouddha, The Indians and... Continue Reading

Bhaktapur Durbar Square received more visitors in 2013

3 16 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

A total of 264,542 tourists visited district in 2013. According to the Bhaktapur Municipality, 118,081 tourists from SAARC countries and... Continue Reading

Eight Star Hotels and resorts coming up

3 16 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

As many as eight star Hotel and Deluxe hotels are coming up in different parts of the country. According to... Continue Reading

Lack of Guidelines for Hotel hits revenue Collection

3 14 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The government failure to enforce a new guideline for hotel operation in land owned by national parks has effected revenue... Continue Reading

NAC to send a Team to China for Training

3 14 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

As process moves forward for Nepal Airlines to acquire Six new Chinese aircrafts, the corporation is planning to send a... Continue Reading

Yeti Airlines begins online Flight Tickets

3 14 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Yeti airlines have resumed its online ticketing service for Indian and Nepali nationals. According to a press statement, sSewa members... Continue Reading

Langtang region to get police security for trekkers

3 13 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Local and foreign tourists won’t have to worry about security if they are thinking of traveling the mountainous langtang range,... Continue Reading

Pokhara fair to Start Tomorrow

3 13 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

According to organizers, all needed preparations for the Pokhara fair, 2014, slated begin tomorrow, have been completed. The fair being... Continue Reading

Nepal Among NYTs 52 Places to Go in 2014

3 13 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Nepal has been named among the places to go in 2014 by the new Yourk Times, one of the leading... Continue Reading

Processing Of Pashmina starts in NepalProcessing Of Pashmina starts in Nepal

3 13 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Processing of Pashmina wools is now being done in the country. Even through Pashmina products are one of the main... Continue Reading

Nepal Can Accommodate 7.44 million tourists annually

3 13 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The number of tourists standard hotels in Nepal swelled 15.4 percent to 1,224 in the last fiscal year, said a... Continue Reading

kerala to Become World Travel Bloggers Capital

3 12 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Kerala tourism has launched an online campaign to bring the world’s best bloggers to the state for an on-the-road experience.... Continue Reading

About 7 Lakh Indian Visited Nepal in 2013

3 12 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Unfazed by political uncertainty in Nepal, nearly 7 Lakh (7,00,000) Indians visited the country in 2012, constituting more than half... Continue Reading

International Kite Festival Held in Bharuch

3 12 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Kite-flyers from various parts of the nation and the world took part in the 26th international kite festival that was... Continue Reading

Master Plan to Promote Tourism in Galkot

3 12 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

A tourism work plan is going to be prepared to develop ad promote tourism at Galkot site in the district.... Continue Reading

Number of Trekkers Up in Annapurna

3 10 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The Number of trekkers in the Annapurna area increased to 113, 495 in 2013. 106,499 trekkers had visited Annapurna region... Continue Reading

Government to make Lumbini as main tourist Hub

3 10 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The Nepalese government has begun foundation work to develop Gautam Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini and its periphery area in to a... Continue Reading

High Buildings not to be allowed near Janaki temple

3 10 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Stating that high-rise buildings coming up around Janaki Temple are blighting the view of the century’s old Hindu Pilgrimage destination,... Continue Reading

Trekking Guide Training Starts

3 10 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

A 4 week long Trekking Guide training kicked off at the Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel management (NATHM) from... Continue Reading

1.33 million Visited Nepal in 2012

3 10 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

At least 694,136 Indian tourists visited Nepal in 2012 via air and surface routes, according to Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).... Continue Reading

Put Tourism Industry Country\’s priority

3 10 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Minister for tourism Ram Kumar Shrestha has stressed on the need to make tourism industry a priority of the government,... Continue Reading

NTB Marks 15th Anniversary Yesterday

3 10 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Nepal Tourism board (NTB) commemorated 15th anniversary on Thursday with ceremony at the NTB Hall in Bhrikuti mandap, Kathmandu. Speaking... Continue Reading

SATTE 2014 to be held from Jan 29-31 in Delhi

3 9 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

South Asia’s most leading Travel and Tourism Event (SATTE) will be held from January 29 to 31 at Pragati maidan... Continue Reading

Non-renewal of hotel operation guidelines hampers revenue collection at Langtang

3 9 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The government’s failure to enforce a new guideline for hotel operation inland owned by national parks has effected revenue collection... Continue Reading

Free Internet Services in passenger Buses

3 9 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

If you entering Nepal from India boarder through Nepalgung or visit Bardia national park for safari packages from Kathmandu you... Continue Reading

Nepal to Attend in German carpet Trade fair

3 9 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Nepal is attending the International carpet fair to be held in Hannover, Germany from January 11 to 14. The Nepali... Continue Reading

Tharu communities being ready to celebrate Maghi

3 9 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The Tharu communities from western region of Nepal are leaving no stones unturned to celebrate Maghi festival. They are found... Continue Reading

Shangri-La Hotel to Open in Tibet

3 8 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Shangri-La Hotels will start its first hotel in Tibet this year. Scheduled to welcome its first guests on 17th April... Continue Reading

About 500 Salt lakes found in Tibet

3 8 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Around 500 salt lakes were found after a recent field survey held in Tibet, reported. The lakes cover an... Continue Reading

Eastern Nepal to held Trade fair

3 7 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The second eastern regional industrial trade, agricultural and tourism fair-2014 is going to held at Dhulabari of Jhapa from February... Continue Reading

India Nepal Jointly work to preserve the Tigers

3 7 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Encouraged by the remarkable growth of its tiger population over the past few years, Nepal is working with India for... Continue Reading

Nepalese Delegation Team visit Nyingchi Tibet

3 7 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

A Nepalese delegation concluded a week-long visit in Nyingchi of Tibet, Dec. 30, 2013., reported. The local government of... Continue Reading

China to established Archive for Thangka Culture

3 7 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

China will establish an revive for the Thangka culture of Tibetan ethnic group to rescue and protect the unique culture... Continue Reading

13th Bird Festival Observed in Koshi Tappu

3 7 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The 13th bird festival and international wetlands day was observed for three days by organizing a dissimilarity of events at... Continue Reading

Migratory Birds are Not safe in Koshi Tappu

3 7 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Migratory birds including those from Siberia coming to the Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve in the winter are not safe enough.... Continue Reading

Newari Girls in 12 days darkness

3 6 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

An ancient coming of age tradition continues to be a significant ceremony for young Newari girls. 11 years old Riti... Continue Reading

Bhaktapur Brochure published in 6 languages

3 6 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Bhaktapur Municipality has published an introduction of Bhaktapur, often known as a district of cultural and tourism significant. The brochure... Continue Reading

Hotel Organization Banke Felicitates Hotel entrepreneurs

3 6 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Hotel organization, banke has felicitated four successful hotel entrepreneurs and has provided scholarship to two intelligent students. The facilited hotel... Continue Reading

Solar Powered Bulbs To Pokhara Streets within 6 months

3 6 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

lake side area will be supplied from the solar energy. It will be great relief for the locals and the... Continue Reading

Revenue of Pokhara Airport Up RS 4.6 million

3 6 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Revenue of Pokhara Airport increased by RS 406 million in fiscal year 2012/13. Pratab babu Tiwari, chief of Pokhara Airport,... Continue Reading

Prepaid Taxis start service

3 6 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The airport passengers transport service management limited has brought into service 200 luxurious ‘prepaid’ taxis from yesterday. Passenger can use... Continue Reading

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek Reviews

3 5 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

In reality, I couldn’t have asked for better experiences in Nepal. Adventure Discovery treks on the lonely planet website and... Continue Reading

33 airports operational out of 54 across Country

3 5 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Out of 54 airports across the nation, only 33 are operational for regular flights , 49 airports are in condition... Continue Reading

Clean Bagmati Drive in Full Swing

3 5 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Approximately 40 tons of solid wastes were removed from the Bagmati River area at New Banshwor, Min Bhawan and Koteshow... Continue Reading

ACAP Designs E-tags to Track Trekkers

3 4 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Amidst growing incidents of tourists losing their way, meeting with accident or failing victims to wild animal attacks while trekking... Continue Reading

Call For Proper Tiger Management

3 4 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The Chitwan National park authorities have urged the Department of the National parks and Wildlife conservation to relocate a tiger... Continue Reading

Tourist Arrivals By Air fell Down in December

3 4 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The number of international tourists visiting Nepal by air fell by 4.8 percent in December 2013 as arrivals main markets... Continue Reading

Nepal to be a free Wifi zone

3 3 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

The government of Nepal has announced a unique and ambitious plan to turn the Himalayan nation into a free wifi... Continue Reading

Nepal Best Treks for 2014

3 2 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

As the world is known that Nepal offers finest travel destinations including the uppermost Himalaya, You will discover the hottest... Continue Reading

6 Point Agreement between Annapurna Committee and TAAN PKR

3 1 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) Pokhara Chapter and Sanctuary Tourism Entrepreneurs Committee (STEC) signed a six-point agreement in Pokhara... Continue Reading

Gaj Bahadur Wons the Elephant Competition

3 1 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

Like last year bahadur gaj has won the title of the International elephant race Competition which was held in sauraha... Continue Reading

6 Indian killed in Bhandipur Jeep Fall

3 1 Jan 2014 Adventure Discovery

At least six Indian tourists were killed and four others injured when a Pokhara-bound jeep (Ga 1 Yan 669) they... Continue Reading

Elephant Soccer played in Nepal

3 31 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Rival teams of elephants take to the field during the weekend at Nepal’s annual Chitwan national Park Soccer match. During... Continue Reading

Gov to Remove 16 peaks which was opened for climbing

3 31 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

A technical team formed under the ministry of culture, tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) has recommended to the government to... Continue Reading

Karnali River Rafting Gets Popular

3 30 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

The longest rafting river in Nepal Karnali as it is getting high popularity here thanks to the chances to get... Continue Reading

Fin Min Inaugurates the Pokhara street festival

3 29 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Finance Minister Shanker Prasad koirala on Saturday inaugurated the 15th Pokhara street festival in Pokhara of Kaski on Sunday. On... Continue Reading

NA Special action to control poaching in Chitwan National Park

3 29 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

The Nepal army has started a special action to control the poaching of wildlife in the Chitwan national park. The... Continue Reading

Chitwan Elephant festival Runs On

3 29 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Elephant festival 2013 which is 10th edition being held in the capitl city of elephants-Sauraha, Chitwan since December 26to 30... Continue Reading

Pokhara is the place to Be

3 29 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Pokhara always has been at the top in terms of tourism in Nepal. Tourism started in Pokhara in 1950, after... Continue Reading

Major Air Disasters since the turn of the century

3 27 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

A recap of the worst air crashes in civilian aviation since the turn of the century November 17, 2013: A... Continue Reading

Far Western Trade fair starting

3 27 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

The first far-Western Industrial Trade fais going to be help in Mahendranagar from January 10th as the Confederation of Nepalese... Continue Reading

Hotel Offers for new Year Eve Party

3 26 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Five star hotels in kathmandu have been busy preparing special dinners and celebrations to help city dwellers welcome the New... Continue Reading

Rock Climbing interests up – low tourist in Everest

3 25 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Rock climbing is an adventures game to climb up a steeply rock mountain with the help of rope. A person... Continue Reading

Christmas day today

3 25 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Entire Christian communities of Nepal are celebrating their biggest fair to honor the birth of Jesus Christ Today. The Christmas... Continue Reading

Money raised for Missing Australian man in Nepal

3 23 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Family and friends of a 23 years old Perth man misplaced in Nepal have raised approximately $10,000 in two days... Continue Reading

Nepal Embassy established in Manama Bahrain

3 22 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Nepal government has established its embassy in Manama of Kingdom of Bahrain. Arjun bahadur Thapa who is also foreign secretary... Continue Reading

Christmas Carols -The Nepali Way

3 22 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

KATHMANDU: Christmas carols are more than Jingle Bells that most of us are familiar with. In Nepal, Christmas hymns sung... Continue Reading

Tourist arrivals decline in November

3 22 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Tourist arrivals via air gone down by 7.01 percent in the month of November, the main causes are the inconsistent... Continue Reading

Uttarakhanda Adventure car rally flagged off

3 22 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna on Saturday flagged off the Uttarakhand Adventure Car Rally, which is seeing the participation of... Continue Reading

Pokhara Street Festival will be held

3 20 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Bar and restaurant association Nepal (REBAN) is operating the 15th Street festival in the lake City, on the accession of... Continue Reading

Govt To Built Ring Road in Pokhara

3 19 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

The Nepal government has taken deliberate to build a ring road in Pokhara city, which is predictable to connect rural... Continue Reading

Snow leopard successfully collared in Kangchenjunga

3 19 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Nepal created new strides in snow leopard conservation with the historic collaring of a snow leopard using satellite GPS technology... Continue Reading

Christmas Items starts selling Hot cakes

3 15 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

However, small models of the trees are available at Rs 50 onwards. Similarly, bells, snowmen, drums and stockings are available... Continue Reading

No load shedding in Namche

3 13 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Load shedding or no light is the major problems of main cities in Nepal as the winter comes every year.... Continue Reading

TAAN Holds Interactions with other associations

3 12 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Trekking Agencies association of Nepal (TAAN) operated interface with travel trade association to converse the relevant issues in Tourism sector... Continue Reading

Refresher Training is Running for trek Guides

3 11 Dec 2013 Adventure Discovery

Twenty Six Trekking guides from member trekking agencies of TAA are involved on training which was organized by TAAN and... Continue Reading

Two killed in Pokhara ultralight crash

3 4 Oct 2013 Adventure Discovery

Two persons were killed when an ultralight aircraft belonging to Avia Club crashed near World Peace Stupa in Pumdi Bhumdi... Continue Reading

TAAN officials participate in TAAN Pokhara AGM

3 17 Sep 2013 Adventure Discovery

The newly elected executive committee of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) led by President Ramesh Dhamala attended the 20th... Continue Reading