Blind Man story of Everest summit

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Just to be one of hundreds who have climbed Mt Everest is an enormous achievement but the one with blind eyes to reach summit is another whole victory in life.

Here we talk about the victory of brave man who climbed Everest which world’s tallest peak of Erik Weihenmayer who walked onto stage Thursday evening seeing eye dog in hand quickly impress the crowed.

He said “people often come to me and says they love my dog but while returning and says don’t that man climb Everest blind?” As young teenager and going blind he tells struggle of climbing Everest as he is one of few who has climbed seven summits and the only one to do it blind.

He explains them between the things that happens you and the ways that you are supposed to react, there is gap with choice and he choose to attack.

He determined to break through his barriers with his sprit on his mind in high school he signed up for climbing school. He started loving with the challenge of climbing right away. But he said however it was almost rebirth and so painful and vibrant together. The book he wrote says to people to forward through their challenges and obstacles and has started a movement helping and to be hopeful.

While climbing the world great peak the team leader said his that don’t let Mt Everest to be the biggest thing you do ever. Erik has embarked on many other trips like white water rafting in Grand Canyon. In his thoughts the biggest things is that how to deal with each problems.

Source: BCH Eights

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