Best Time to go trekking in Nepal

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Taking pleasant movement every people in the world prefers to forget troubles even in the times of stress and worry. It is always important to go out to spend wonderful time in rush life. Ones you relax and collect great memory people feels positive energy in body thinks better way.

Nepal is important and not to miss destination in the world to spend your quality life with your friend, family and loved once where hundreds of tourist spots, view points, attractions, beautiful natural vistas can be found.

In the whole world Nepal is popularly known as best trekking and adventure destination. Its beauty, cultural attractions attracts the people. Each trek routs fallows antique foot-trails throughout river banks, rice fields, local settlements and many more. Adventure lovers may walk passing lap of green and gracious looking hills.

Most of the route meets deep and dark green jungles with dissimilar seasonable blossoming may catch everyone’s eye. Someone who can gain knowledge of flora and fauna, people’s culture and traditions, once they completed their visit in Nepal

Among every bold nature lover, Nepal on their mind is always travel target and they keep on bucket list. Starting from a day sightseeing tours the country offers long and short treks as well as climbing and expeditions. Before you make plan the first thing to keep in your mind is best time to go trekking or tour in Nepal.

If so, what time of the year is the best time to go trekking in Nepal?

People do trek in Nepal all time of the year however the best time to trekking in Nepal is either after winter or in fall. In whole country climate becomes clear and charming days makes your trek memorable with beautiful views. Every season has its own subject.

As all knows among major four season – you should know when is best and which season has what specialty. Let’s check out bellow.

Trekking in Nepal in Spring

During the period of March to May is spring season and known as second best season in Nepal for trekking and tours. February is known as winter month in Nepal traditionally.

For relaxed and attractive trek in Nepal it’s better to choose spring season. It gets slightly warm in lower elevation and moderate temperature in high elevation. The months April and May is known as expedition months as most of Everest Expedition held on these months. End of spring Nepal’s national flowers blossoms in every trek trails and makes your journey even more attractive. Mornings are definitely clear everyday and most of days get clear too with sunshine.

Trekking in Nepal in summer

Another hiking season in Nepal is summer which starts from June to august. However there will be always chance of rain. Mostly morning gets clear and most of the days have chance of rain. The trail becomes slippery, muddy and leech-infested. Weather ideally becomes hazy with the foggier skies. Peaks covers by cloud almost every day.

By the end of monsoon it will be better idea to choose. Mainly it depends on your luck too. Instead of going in high elevation it’s better to explore Kathmandu and Pokhara’s surrounding and short hikes. You may choose Ghorepani Poon Hill trek in the season.

Trekking in Nepal in autumn

The supper best and busiest trekking season in Nepal is autumn. The months September to November is gracious period to travel in Nepal. Even the high altitude stays warmer compared other season. The climate and weather will be lovely and cozy.

Blue sky can be seen almost all the time with fresh air. Many expedition groups make their plan to climb mountains above 8000 meters in this season. Traditional country Nepal celebrates dissimilar festival like Dashain and Tihar in this period which gives you extra pleasure.

Trekking in Nepal in winter

Mainly inter is cold months in Nepal. However it won’t rain in high elevation but temperature goes very cold up to minus 40 degree in Everest Base Camp. December to February months generally stays cold in Kathmandu too. The weather stays perfect in the morning period and gets cloud in day time.

As like monsoon period it’s better to hike around low land instead of high elevation trips.

When you planning your Trekking in Nepal? Just drop us email at we will reply you with entire advice and suggestions.

Enjoy your time in Nepal

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